Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Enemy tried to Destroy my 7 year Old's Faith

I walked my 7 yr. old up to the bus stop. He asked me, "Mama, why does God let dogs get hurt?"
This was a deep question for him to announce. Little background here--his dog was named "Black Jack" and was a stray black lab mix. He was a sweet dog that everyone in the neighborhood loved. Well, almost everyone. He saved us during Hurricane Katrina by barking like crazy when a water moccasin was trying to get into our laundry room door. It was a dual--but that's another story!

I said to my inquisative son, "Son, I don't know but what I do know is that the Word of God says that Jesus is right now preparing a place for us where Lions and wolves lay down with lambs and they will eat hay." I do not think God designed it to be this way. He leaves on the bus for elementary school.

I had the day off and was able to spend time at home that day alone so I went to the computer to find answers to his question. Christian I think is where i found a fascinating article. I printed the article off for us to go over later and just to keep.

Before he came home, Black Jack did something very weird. It was cold outside and he was sitting inthe middle of the yard looking at the front door barking incessantly. I opened the door to speak to him and he stopped. I walked out and over to him and I noticed he was soaking wet. It was cold, so this was odd. Then I noticed it was blood!

A second later, a neighbor from about a mile up the supdivision bottoms out in my broken driveway to tell me what has happened to my dog. Two pit bulls attacked him in the street (they had gotten out of their fence to get him). Two different neighbors tried for half an hour to beat the pits off BlackJack. They shook his brain and made him dumb. He was permanently brain damaged and the sweetest dog you could know before but even more so after.

Then here comes the school bus to bring the kids home!! OMG! I had to pick this animal up high into the back of my SUV and feared him biting me inthe face...husband wasn't home yet. Nerve wracking.
We got him to the vet. Blood everywhere! He stayed overnight for a couple nights (4, I think). We didn't know if he was going to "make-it."

When the vet called and said she thoguht he would make it, we were all relieved. Afterall, we were praying for this pet. The next morning, my same son woke up and said, "Mama, I just had a bad dream of something like a Lion or bear or a roaring sound over me." Immediately, my mind went to the scripture  I Peter 5:8 "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: "

I think the devil was out to destroy the heart and faith of my middle son. I think he was angry that Black Jack was not destroyed and he roared over my son.

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