Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Demons in my house

My mother didn’t believe me. To the best of my knowledge, they were not very strong demons. They showed off for her though when she stayed one night. I wasn’t really living for God, or “walking in the Spirit.” I decided that if demons were real then I know for sure God is! I got on the phone and called a church or two. The lady said to me that because I was a Christian, I would be harassed. “But I have anointed my house with oil!”You could still see the cross oil marks I had made on the paint job in the slant of the light. No one offered to come out and pray with me, so I figured it out on my own.

The plan for my life that the devil had was to break me down. Make me COO-COO for Cocoa Puffs, Wear me out. Cause me to think evil of my husband and his family. Isolate me and tear my support away from me. Yell at my kids, abuse them because MY needs were not met and I had to meet all of their demands NOW. Learn to blame again. He tried accomplishing this through waking my stair-step babies through the night. I had an IMMENSE FEAR that because I was blessed, that something was on its way to destroy the good in my life. I made sure the windows were locked when my kids slept because of a show on Oprah where a woman’s child was abducted because the windows were unlocked. I FEARED SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) all my child had to do was go “uh” in the middle of the night and I was like a sleep deprived, neurotic supersoldier on my feet in an instant. Baby monitors had nothing on me. My children, rarely if ever, slept through the night (I tried everything) and they were born consecutively almost and were healthy.

 My husband had to work and it was hard work in the heat—he had to get rest so I tried to take the blunt of being up with them at night. When the children were able to sleep at a grandparent’s house (usually only one child so I hardly got rest even then), I heard the crying anyway. Sleep deprivation causes hallucinations but it’s funny I had no hallucinations unless it was time to be asleep and rest. I did not sleep when they slept at nap time for FEAR of them waking and being in danger while I slept. Two toddlers in a house without supervision is irresponsible and you will pay in some fashion or another.

Once, all the kids stayed overnight  with my mom. I thought FINALLY! I was looking forward to some PRE-BABY life relaxation but the devil’s minions had other party plans. With ALL the children gone, I woke to the sound of crying! Lying there, I full well knew they were not at home this night. Nevertheless to shut the sound up, I got up anyway. I walked to their CLOSED bedroom door (still hearing the crying) put my hand on the knob, and opened the door to an empty room of silence. That’s when I began figuring out the evil plan.

On another night, I woke up to the crying of my first child, settled him down. Then I woke not long after to the sound of my middle child and got up with him. Just as I drifted off to sleep, third son wakes up crying. This happened merry go-round a few times and it will make a momma beside herself with anger! Even if I spoke to the demon(s) after refusing to lay my head on a pillow again “yeah, go ahead, just wake up the next one” --it would. On a different night, I was up because I couldn’t sleep. I sat in my child’s room at about 2:30 3- ish a.m. I was watching their little TV and heard from the front room “BAM- BA- LAM- BAM- BAM!” We had wooden floors in the front living room and I was at the very back of the house. I frightfully yelled for my husband that someone was in the house. He gets up, fist pulled back, crabbing sideways toward the living room. NOTHING. No one. Next morning, I get up in my clean, everything in its place home, and our family portrait is across the room on the floor face down. It being the only thing out of place--way out of place. “They must have been really mad”, I thought. That’s what they did when mom was there. They threw a VHS movie across the living room and she acted as though she didn’t see it but it was her first acknowledgement the next morning. Also, of important note, it WAS always in the 3 a.m. hour that these things happened. There is something to the “witching hour” but I don't know how that works in different time zones ;)

O.K. so how did I finally rid myself of demonic show-offs after first having to identify the problem? I knew the Word of God AND BEGAN APPLYING IT.
I knew that God “dwells in the praises of His people.”_Psm 22:3 SO, I began praising.
I knew that if I draw near to God, then, He will draw near to me. James 4:8   I lifted my hands and on my knees while I was afraid.
I knew I wanted to aggravate those demons like they were doing to me. So I put Christian TV and radio on all through the house....And most importantly,
I knew NOT to rejoice that I had power over them LUKE 10:19 and Luke 10:20 but to just rejoice that my name was in the Lamb’s Book of Life. His presence makes them flee.
It is not by might, nor by power, that getting rid of those pests would happen, but by His Spirit. Zechariah 4:6.

James 1:23 and 24 described me because God taught me amazing things when I was younger but because I knew them and did not do them, I was like a man staring at his face in a mirror but walking away, forgetting what he looks like. I would pray and then FORGET what I even prayed for! I turned every radio I owned to POWER 88 Christian radio and at this time, WORSHIP videos were on TV with singing and scripture, I turned them on. I got ON MY KNEES in the middle of the chaos and lifted my hands to a worthy King and began singing fragments of the old worship songs that I knew. They don’t wanna be here when Jesus draws near me. That’s when they left, after a few times of that. God is real.


  1. this scares me...every time you tell me about it..it reminds me of my brush with evil..and I know that its all too real..

    1. You are normal. Scared me too; but I had babies to protect and I knew that if this evil was real--then the equal and opposite was real also. The more of the Word you know--the bolder you would be in the situation.