Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fear not, for I will be with You

My Dad called me at 3:46pm on Fri evening of October 2010 and left a voicemail that strongly and simply said, "FEAR NOT--For I will be with thee." We were on our way to ride rides at the fair. That's not a feel good message. He also isn't into the custom of calling me frequently and especially not in the habit of leaving Voice Mails like that. So, silently I worried what doom was lurking around me? Would the ferrris wheel come unhinged? He has a gift of discernment that has been amazing in the past. I was a bit unsettled with this warning.

By the next morning at 9:10a.m. I had to call 911 to lift thousands of lbs. off of my son and neighbor (neighbor's back not broken but both feet were) and it was traumatic! The roof collapsed on a shed built two or three decades ago and it was very heavy.  My husband had just left and I was alone with the boys doing work in the backyard. The shock I was feeling made me go in slow motion, I couldn't dial three digits on the phone fast enough. I experienced shock but had hope that God was near because of that strange, timely message. My other two sons were able to make it out of the building that we were demolishing with a deep small cut to an arm as they fled through the threshold of the falling structure. My first born son and neighbor was trapped under the weight of this (whom I could hear but not see or access ) and is fine this morning.
My very kind neighbor ('Big Mike' Crenshaw with the two broken feet) had no insurance and no pain meds. Emergency workers had to cut their way throught the building rubble to get to him. After I called my Dad to let him know what had happened, he told me that he had been washing dishes the day he left me that warning and all of a sudden just stopped and made that call. God can see the enemy's plans and intervene.

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