Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gracious Living

We were very poor. Plastic containers had just been slowly leaking into the market for organization. I had CRIED OUT to God to help me with the mess in my life (fist in the air and all). I had always heard He was a "God of Order." Organization was a must and God had begun teaching me things through Julie Morgenstern Organizing from the Inside Out. She says that organization is a skill anyone can learn, but I experienced some of it that way and the other was a gift from God. Let me clarify:

I didn’t take some of her advice seriously while reading the book and even disagreed with the Professional Organizer at times (lack of funds caused me to not invest in her wisdom). Two years down the road after some changes in my life, I was able to receive and accept things that either I argued with or didn’t need and skipped over in the previous readings. I used the book for a few years to change my ways. More of her wisdom was available to me at a later date when I was ready.

I was keeping a clean, orderly home, doing a good enough job. As a reward, I could go to my girlfriend’s house (you know who you are), and spend time with her. She, like me, was overwhelmed in the same situation. It was my good pleasure to try and free her like I was being freed. Some girlfriends are very sensitive about this and they can take offense to your good ideas to help them. And, what works for some will not always work for another. People must be ready and they must trust you and well, you must be led by God if you are going to be an effective Professional Organizer. Okay, Okay, I’ll get to the point.

Just before going to her house, I had looked at a newspaper advertisement that featured an awesome plastic container that was 17.99. “That was expensive for plastic drawers!” Yes, that is how poor I was. It might as well had been 100.00 to me. There is no way I could have that. Oh well, I thought and went on to go help my friend “clean up.” Well, it was a mess for sure but I was optimistic and was telling her about the container I saw and thinking she might could get it and use it. She really needed several. She was dynamic with lots of stuff. She was in such a horrible mood about it that it fell on deaf ears and she wasn’t very pleasant to work with that night. We did make it better though. Early the next morning I got a phone call from my mother-in-law. She was a newspaper reader and not too involved with my life but involved enough to know I was onto organization and she had a good heart. She said, “Melanie, I saw something in the paper at Big Lots for 17.99 and I just wanted to know if you wanted it, it…” I interrupted, “OH MY GOD, I can’t believe this!” I exclaimed. “ I just saw it yesterday and wished I had it. I even tried to get my friend to get it for herself. Thank you sooo much! YES!” When she brought it to me, it had a small blue and gray sticker on it from the company called “Gracious Living” and it had a crown on it. I still use the container ten years later (and I have went through many of them). It was no coincidence, it was God and I know it. He gives us just enough light for the step we’re on sometimes.

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