Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On A Royal Telephone

I was told, "God isn't moved by your desperation, but by your desperation FOR HIM." I found this to be true after awhile. I was stuck in a rut asking Him for change and seeing nothing happen. I began wondering, "What is wrong with me, that He will not honor my prayers?" I was trying to get out of sin. Why couldn't he just microwave me a miracle and fix me? So, based off some scripture on fasting--I had had ENOUGH and decided I would do this for three whole days. I was determined to get God to move for me. I had a good attitude, I kept my mind on Him and tried praising him with the best of my singing during the day.

I wasn't accustomed to praying a lot though I had faith and was full of the Word.  A close friend in the Lord asked me to pray for her grandmother, that was in the hospital, with a possible broken collar bone. My friend, Tiphani, was worried her elderly granny was far from Jesus and just wanted prayer for her. I hesitantly agreed to pray for a lady I didn't know or feel anything for. I really didn't care. Just being real honest folks. BUT....I loved and cared for Tiphani--I felt that. Because of her, I decided I would pray and honor her request. Now I know, this sounds terrible--but this is the state I was in. So, I prayed for Helen with the same earnest I would have prayed for Tiphani.

I went on about my day as usual working, working, working. Then as I was scrubbing carpet in the babies room and singing fragments of long ago praise songs that I could muster and remember, it occured to me so strangely and definitely that this Helen needed a song in her heart--the joy that I was feeling as I sang.  So, I promptly with bubbles and yucky stuff on my hands--stopped in the middle of the job--to deglove and call Tiphani. She answered, and I don't even know if I said hello. I just matter- of -factly said, "Tiphani, Helen needs a song in her heart!" After saying it, I knew it was an abstract random way to begin a phone call. For a milli second, I thought, she is going to think I am a scatterbrained! But, much to my delight, she was as enchanted about it as I was. "OH MY GOD, I cannot believe you just said that." She had an accepting tone in her voice. After her thoughts took their time to process my diagnosis for her grandmother, she said that her grandmother had just asked several granddaughters to please find an old song that she hadn't heard since like the 30's. We didn't have Youtube--so that would be a HUNT! It was called "Royal Telephone or Telephone to Jesus--something like that."

Tiphani was feeling challenged by the request and we were trying to figure where to find this old song--if we even could find it. We called Christian music stores asking what to do. All of that was to no avail. However, God validated her request through me as a result of fasting and prayer.I got to be a chosen vessel of the KINGDOM OF GOD, WOW! That's what makes me feel ALIVE.

Finally, a year later, we found it. Guess where it was? I had a CD with it on there the whole time we were looking for it. It was on a Burl Ives CD that I had bought but never listened to. I had had it for several years. It's amazing, isn't it? God showed me in an awesome way how prayer works for those you do not even know. I was bursting with joy to be able to wrap up the cd to be gifted to Helen. Be in love with your Maker. He is so worthy.

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